“Special thanks to all of you and for a weekend I will certainly never forget. Keep up the good work!!!”TRM/ Army Med.

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Daniel DiMarco wanted to give back to soldiers and veterans, so for the last five years he’s organized an outdoor retreat called Camp Freedom for them to relax and unwind. At the camp, soldiers can hunt, fish, go horseback riding, trail walking, biking and swimming for four days. They can also just sit on the porch and relax, DiMarco said. For the first time, this weekend the camp near Melrose will host an all-female getaway where women veterans will be treated to massages and facials along with the other activities, DiMarco’s mom, Gail, said. The property has a 350-acre ranch with two houses, one for the guests and another for the caretaker. In addition, there are 1,000 acres total under lease and a 25 acre lake, said Gail DiMarco. “It’s really providing a retreat for our soldiers, so they can advance in all aspects of their lives,” she said.
What had started as one Hawthorne man’s dream to give back to America’s veterans has finally started to come together as the reality he hoped for. A safe haven lies nestled in Bradford County, where the American flag waves, and the only worry in the world is whether or not one wants to hunt, fish or both. Camp Freedom is a home dedicated to providing veterans with a weekend of relaxation and camaraderie in nature. It is part of the local non-profit organization Soldiers Freedom Outdoors. “When they come out here, it’s their weekend,” said Dan DiMarco, the man behind the organization. DiMarco now runs Soldiers Freedom Outdoors and Camp Freedom with a group of dedicated volunteers. “Nature really helps you de-stress.” Camp Freedom rests on a sprawling 350-acre ranch, complete with its own lake, cattle, trails and more. The three-bedroom house is adorned with outdoor, American and military memorabilia. Read more…..
Soldiers find freedom outdoors.
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